West central Wisconsin Study Club

Oral Surgery Associates of understands the value of continuing education. It is for that reason we sponsor the West Central Wisconsin Study Club, an affiliate of the Seattle Study Club.


The Seattle Study Club organization is often referred to as a university without walls. It is recognized as one of the most advanced continuing education groups for dental professionals in the nation. Members participate in hands-on demonstrations, problem-solving workshops, panel discussions and clinical treatment planning sessions. The Seattle Study Club network consists of over 250 affiliated clubs around the world with a combined membership of 6,700 dentists. For more information, please visit www.seattlestudyclub.com.


West Central Wisconsin Study Club membership is comprised of local dentists and dental specialists from the , and surrounding, area. Our club follows an academic year, which runs from September to May annually, with meetings every month. Our focus is on comprehensive treatment planning.This is a treatment plan, which utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to Total Case Management. It requires the clinician to integrate all aspects of dentistry (periodontics, orthodontics, endodontics, oral surgery, oral medicine, restoration, etc.) into a meaningful, step-by-step treatment plan, which is highly beneficial to both the clinician and the patient.


West Central Wisconsin Study Club also invites internationally known speakers to share information at our local meetings.

For information about membership, please contact Gina Wekseth, Study Club Coordinator. Phone: , Email: [email protected]